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                                        Your position:Home> Services>2-Year Warranty

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                                        2. 2-Year Warranty

                                          --best leovegas slots products come with 2 years warranty on main unit from the date of production. (X-ray machine with 14 months warranty). If any malfunction is caused by quality related problems within warranty period, the products can be repaired for free by best leovegas slots.

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                                              --best leovegas slots will provide spare parts and support for the products for not less than 8 years from best leovegas slots’s delivery.

                                            1. --best leovegas slots will provide necessary upgrade during products’ service period as an added-value service to meet customer’s requirements for function, application or performance. (Upgrade may not be applicable for some models)

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                                              --For Under warranty service, best leovegas slots will send replacement parts to customers after confirming the problem can be solved by replacing parts. The freight cost for sending the good replacement parts is borne by best leovegas slots. After receiving and replacing with the good parts, customers should return the defective parts to best leovegas slots under our shipment instruction.

                                                  --For Out of warranty service, best leovegas slots will advise service charge with cost price and provide a proforma invoice for payment transfer. After receiving the service charge, best leovegas slots will repair and return the parts to the customer after the parts are repaired and tested to be in good working condition.

                                                            • Exemption of Warranty

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                                                                --The malfunction is caused by willful damage, negligence, improper usage, failure to follow the best leovegas slots’s instructions, incorrect usage without the best leovegas slots’s approval.

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                                                                --The best leovegas slots's original serial number label or product identification marks have been altered or removed.

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                                                                  --The 2 years warranty does not extend to consumable parts, accessories, materials of best leovegas slots equipments. With regard to consumable part, accessory, material of equipments, the customers also have the right of benefit with respect to the corresponding warranty provided by best leovegas slots.

                                                                      --The products or parts which are not produced by best leovegas slots.

                                                                      • Copyright © 2001-2021 best leovegas slots Medical Technology Co., Ltd. - best leovegas slots Technology Group Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

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