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7 Basketball Exercises with a Ball - 8 Minute Fitness

One basketball exercise with a ball is the sumo squat with front raise. The benefits of this basketball exercise are enough to do them week after week. Like a traditional squat but with knees turned further out, you will primarily work your inner thighs and glutes on this exercise.

What is the Best Basketball Medicine Ball Workout?

Begin by holding the medicine ball close your chest with two hands as you stand straight and tall. Your feet should be a little more than a shoulder width apart. From this position, bend your knees and push backwards with your hips. Then, bring your body down until your thighs are lined up parallel with the floor.

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14 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do With a Basketball 1. Basketball Mountain Climbers 2. Bird Dog Dribbles 3. Basketball Russian Twists 4. Basketball Russian Twist Slams 5. Hollow Hold Dribbles 6. Hollow Hold Cross Over 7. Between the Legs Bicycle Crunches 8. Basketball Burpees 9. Explosive ...

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Exercises To Improve Your Basketball Shooting Range ...

Wrist and finger strength. No, no shooting medicine balls here. The two main mechanisms playing into your shot distance are fingertip and wrist strength—after all, ideal shooting form dictates that the ball rests on your fingertips and your elbow forms an ‘L’ shape. To improve the strength of both using only your body weight, fingertip pushups are very effective.

10 Exercises to Make You Better at Basketball | The Beachbody ...

Exercises That Can Make You Better at Basketball. 1. Front squat. A solid base is important if you want to get better at basketball. You don’t want to lose your balance every time some lummox ... 2. Lateral skater. 3. Heel slide. 4. Side plank leg raise. 5. Bulgarian squat.