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History Of Table Tennis: Where It Started To Where It Is Now

History of Table Tennis: From 13th Century to Modern Day History of Table Tennis Timeline. Evolved from French paille-maille (“pall-mall”), table tennis was played in France as... Table Tennis History by Country. The game seems to be most popular and highly organized competitive sport in China, ...

HistoryofTableTennis - International Table Tennis Federation

Like many other sports, Table Tennis began as a mild social diversion. It was probably played ...

A Brief History of Table Tennis (Ping-Pong)

A Brief History of Table Tennis (Ping-Pong) Early Origins of Table Tennis/Ping-Pong. These officers are supposed to have used cigar box lids as paddles, rounded... 1920's-1950's: Classic Hard Bat Era / Europe Dominates the Sport. This results in the longest rally ever in a World... 1950's-1970's: ...

History of Table Tennis - An Authoritative Summary of the ...

The early years. Around 1898 the English sports company John Jaques & Son were manufacturing the first table tennis sets and popularising the game. They used rackets (bats / paddles) with velum stretched over an outer casing (similar to a small drum) attached to a handle.

The History of Table Tennis/Ping Pong - TABLE TENNIS DAY

On July 15, 1890, David Foster of England filed an English Patent (number 11,037) for the first action game of tennis on a table. In 1897, the first national championships were held in Hungary. In 1901, James Gibb returned from a tour to the United States with the first celluloid ball, much lighter than rubber balls.

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History of Table Tennis: From Origin to Olympic Debut - TABLE ...

Table tennis originated in 1880 as an after-dinner game of the upper-class inhabitants of Victorian England. At that time, the upper-class people of England loved to play Lawn Tennis, and in the winter, due to freezing weather conditions, it was very tough to play lawn tennis outside.

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The first racket in table tennis. Many more improvements to the sport occurred at the turn of the century, including the introduction of celluloid balls, which were found by Englishman James Gibb during a tour to the United States in 1901.

HISTORY OF TABLE TENNIS -Ping pong game origin & history

The game started in the late 1800s. This was a time when the players of lawn tennis had to learn to play indoors d uring the winter period. Ping-Pong as a name was regarded as the trademark name for table tennis. The English firm J. Jaques and son invented the name “Ping-Pong” towards the end of the 1800s.