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Formula – How to calculate BSR. Batting Strike Rate = (Runs Scored x 100) ÷ Balls Faced. Where: “Runs Scored” is the number of runs scored by the batsman. “Balls Faced” is the number of balls faced by the batsman. Example. If a batter has scored 145 runs and faced 298 balls in that time, then: Strike Rate (Batting) = (145 x 100) ÷ 298 Strike Rate (Batting) = 48.66

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Approach: Use the formula for the strike rate to calculate the strike rate. Strike Rate = (Runs Scored / Balls faced) * 100 Return the strike rate in float data type format.

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Formula to calculate Bowling Strike-Rate: If a bowler picks 5 Wickets in a match and bowled 60 balls, his bowling strike rate is 12. Real-time Example: Muttiah Muralitharan picked 800 Wickets in 7339.5 Overs, he bowled in his test career. i.e. 44,039 balls in his Test career. So his Test Bowling strike-rate –> 44039/800 –>> 55.05

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How To Calculate Strike Rate. To calculate the strike rate for a batsman in cricket all you have to do is divide the total number of runs they have scored by the number of deliveries they have faced. Once you have done that, multiply your answer by 100 to get the strike rate of the batsman. Let me take you through a couple of quick examples.

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How to calculate batting strike rate in cricket. Strike Rate is the total number of runs a batsman will score if he faces 100 deliveries, at the current rate. It is calculated by the runs scored by batsman divided by the number of balls he faced multiplied by 100. i.e. Strike rate = ( Runs scored / No.of balls faced ) * 100.

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Strike rate isn’t seen as much in test cricket where the pace of scoring isn’t as important but you may still see it mentioned. How to Calculate Batting Strike Rate? Strike rate is an average and the calculation is carried out over every 100 balls that a batsman faces.

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match 1 strike rate = (100/100)*100 = 100 match 2 strike rate = (150/75)*100 =200 match 3 strike rate = (50/100)*100 = 50 strike rate in the series = (300/275)*100 = 109.09, approximately 109 is your strike rate.