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The Soccer Spirits art book labels Kirin's age as 18. This age is physical, as otherwise it would contradict his character story, where Qiyou, who is over 20,000 years, says that he is older than her. The art book also reveals that Kirin's favorite thing is traveling. Etymology.

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Kirin is utility Whirlwind striker with unique skill - Brainwave - that reduces action speed and attack power by 100% when shooting, allowing him to shoot more times then usual strikers. Additionally, he has accumulating buff, increasing his critical rate and damage by every shoot, and passive that helps increasing his damage output by raising his attack power and critical damage.

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ANGELA WAS A MISTAKE!no just kidding :3 I actually got into Galaxy League quite sometime now but unfortunately my video that got all the process and what I'v...

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Prompt: Kirin is at the bar drinking with friends and has had a little too much to drink when he see a cute person at the bar from behind. Feeling confident, Kirin's equally drunk friends rally him up to go chat the person at the bar up. Sauntering up to the person at the bar, Kirin proceeds to murmur their smoothest (or cheesiest) pick up line. When the person at the bar finally turns around,...

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Let's celebrate the Lucian and Virgil nerfs with some back-lane bullying.Sorry my computer fell asleep in the middle.I wish my Linmay was maxed as some of th...

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Kirin, however, is more of a critical damage type because of his critical damage passives (accumulated up to three times +20% CritDMG & CritRate, +25% CritDamage). Therefore it is arguable for myself, if either one is better. A noticeable differentation between both, is the fact that Hiro's active is 1.5 spirit and Kirin's 1 spirit. Thanks in advance!

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The most powerful shooter in soccer spirits is beatrice. Perfect balancing skills to maximize shooting damage. (I can't find full powered one(+120)) and also Ace skill is best effect. If you want to be a best , you need her. Rating : 5 / 5 2. Kirin

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Soccer Spirits Tier List (Characters) This is the list of in game characters from best to worst. Name. Element. General Tier. Class. Potential. Aiolos. Whirlwind.

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Kirin: Control and ramp. Paralyzes the enemy line and gets stronger with every shot. His combo requires rather specific units, but will dismantle most defenses once it gets going. Like Ravian, he depends heavily on his frontline to follow up on his shots, so he will struggle while transitioning to his scary endgame.