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In ancient civilizations in the past, tennis ball dream meaning will always be associated with the supernatural world. That is, the gods and demons appear in his dreams. When tennis ball dream meaning as a beautiful and happy vision that is defined as the presence of God, whereas tennis ball dream meaning become a nightmare then this is a sign of the existence of evil spirits or demons when humans sleep.

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Tennis Ball Dream Meaning A Tennis Ball. Seeing a tennis ball in a dream indicates distress, negative situations, and problems. It points out that there will be problems in family life, and you will suffer between your partner and parents. Seeing the tennis ball also indicates the changes in your life.

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Tennis Dream Interpretation and Meaning: To dream of the tennis like game of pleasure predicts the vicinity of good moments between colleagues, friends and family. The tennis symbolizes comfort,... The tennis symbolizes comfort,...

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To dream of playing with a ball or playing a game involving balls (such as billiards, tennis, baseball, golf, croquet, etc.) signifies happy news. If you dream of watching others throw or catch a ball, you need to overcome your shyness.

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Dreams of tennis signify that you are giving and receiving, and participating in the back and forth of love and relationship. This dream can also represent feelings of a competitive banter, that you are keeping score, trying to get your point across, and making sure that your message makes it over the net.

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Ball Dream Explanation — (Baseball; Basketball; Cricket ball; Football; Glob; Golf ball; Handball; PingPong ball; Pushball; Snowball; Tennis ball; Volleyball) A ball in a dream signifies a dispute, an argument, a fight to control the world and its resources. Some will desire it and others will reject it.

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Sports balls in dreams symbolizes issues you are struggling with emotionally, or decisions you are considering. Choices that could end up having both a good or bad influence. Beliefs that could end up causing both a positive or negative outcome. Tennis symbolizes a conflict over issues that you are rejecting or want someone else to deal with.

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The ball is essentially an archetype. How the ball appeared in the dream is important and also how you actually felt in the dream. From dream psychology, the ball is part of a game of life. It normally occurs when one is in the process of completing something important in life.