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Won them over - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

win (one) over. To earn one's support, affection, or appreciation. That candidate won me over with her performance in the debate. See also: over, win. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.

Won over - definition of won over by The Free Dictionary

win someone over or round convince, influence, attract, persuade, convert, charm, sway, disarm, allure, prevail upon, bring or talk round He had won over a significant number of his opponents. win through succeed , make it (informal) , triumph , do well , thrive , flourish , be successful , make good , prosper , make the grade (informal) , make your mark (informal) , gain your end Stick to your principles, and you will win through.

What is the difference between "by myself " and "on my won ...

What does won me over long before ... mean? How do you say this in English (UK)? (if i won the national lottery) I would give some money to h... the general won against enemy from the beginning. Does this sound natural?

meaning in context - What does 'won him over to letters ...

"To win somebody over" means to persuade them, or to convince them to change their mind. So, "the success of his novel won him over to letters" means that the success of his novel changed his mind, and convinced him to pursue literature instead of medicine.

What does won mean? definition, meaning and audio ...

Dictionary entry overview: What does won mean? • WON (noun) The noun WON has 2 senses: 1. the basic unit of money in South Korea. 2. the basic unit of money in North Korea Familiarity information: WON used as a noun is rare. • WON (adjective) The adjective WON has 1 sense: 1. not subject to defeat Familiarity information: WON used as an ...

Won out - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

To defeat someone or something; to prevail. We had a vote, and this is the yearbook cover that won out. See also: out, win. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.

What does “won” mean in “the shot that won”? - Quora

It can refer to several things: -A shot fired by a rifle/cannon/gun over a long distance. -A situation where the odds are stacked against you, meaning your chance of success is very low/unlikely, ie backing a Horse with bad odds to win, surviving a parachute jump with a malfunctioning parachute etc.

What Is Won Buddhism? – Won Dharma Center

The word Won (圓) literally means ‘circle’ and symbolizes ultimate reality or our true nature. Therefore, the name Won Buddhism means the path to the enlightenment to our true nature. Sotaesan, the founding master of Won Buddhism, realized supreme enlightenment in 1916 in Korea at the age of 26, after many years of searching for the truth and doing many ascetic practices.

word meaning - What does the "over that of" mean? - English ...

1. The "over that of" is a comparison that could be replaced with " more than " or " better than ". Even as native English speaker, I had to read this sentence multiple times to understand it because of how long it is. Stripping out technical details, I've reduced the sentence to get a much easier sentence to parse.